Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40K Neotube - 4/28/10

My apologies to Bell of Lost Souls for running this video so soon after they did, but after my recent article lambasting the prequels I wanted to show how there can be common ground between our hobby and Star Wars.  And what better way than seeing Peter Cushing, aka Grand Moff Tarkin, painting and playing with historical miniatures.  Obviously the footage predates the existence of Warhammer 40k, but I like to think that if 40K had been around at the time he might have been playing our game as well.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check Out this Blood Ravens Librarian

Not one to pass up an opportunity to wield the frighteningly minuscule power of my blog for good, I thought I'd link to the Blood Ravens Librarian my buddy Steve painted and then posted to Cool Mini Or Not.

I encourage you to go check it out and rate it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

40K Neotube - 4/21/10

Sometimes I just want to laugh.  And sometimes I laugh at the most ridiculous things.  Like a Team Fortress 2 Dawn of War mash up.  So enjoy and laugh.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Fall of Horus, A Comparison

It's been a while since I posted anything with any meat out here.  I've been swamped at work, and between vacation and family stuff, my 40K time has been lacking.  Except in regards to reading.  Where I haven't had the time to focus on painting, I was able to read.  I just finished the third book of the Horus Heresy series, "Galaxy in Flames", and while a lot of people have said a lot of things about these books, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to say something myself.  Reading these books stirred up a lot of emotions about another story featuring a character's fall.  So while I tried not to gripe and complain about the other story non-stop I just couldn't help but find that where this story faltered at tunes the Horus Heresy triumphed.

So if you want to find out what the other story is, and read my thoughts on the Horus Heresy, then feel free to hit the jump and enjoy my long-winded opinion.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

40K Neotube - 4/14/10

I missed 40K Neotube last week because I was on vacation, and actually was driving home that day.  So as I wandered the sometimes desolate landscape that is 40K videos online looking at anything from Dark Eldar tributes, to how to use a spray gun, I found this video that hit last week.  It's several of the voice actors from Ultramarines The Movie discussing the facial capture technology they are using to animate the movie.

You can see the video after the jump

Ultramarines the Movie 3D Models, now with Textures

Hot Damn!  No, not the cinnamon schnapps.  The exclamation.  Because the awesome concept art that was fleshed out to greyscale models last week has now been given color and texture.

Here's the evolution of the Flamer:

And here's a larger image of the Flamer:
You can see the Bolt Gun, Chainsword, and Auspex Scanner in the Gallery

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dawn of War II/Chaos Rising Patch v2.2 Released

For what it's worth Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising have been patched.  I have personally not experienced any of the bugs that they fix, and I don't play much multi-player.  So this patch isn't a big issue for me...but it might be for you.

The patch will auto-install through Steam, but the details of what is fixed are here.

Ultramarines the Movie Greyscale Weapon Models

The first day back from vacation is always painful.  I like to equate it to a ton of bricks and a ton of Mondays sandwiching me in a crushing death blow that doesn't really kill me but make me wish I was dead.  Thus I would like to personally thank the people over at the Ultramarines the Movie site for making my return to reality a lot less painful with these greyscale models of the weapons that have, until now, been just seen in thoroughly awesome concept art.

The imagery isn't as cool as seeing a new Purity Seal, but it's really helping to show how they are working to flesh out the art from it's 2D conceptual phase to a 3D modeled look.  Plus, and maybe this is just me, but I love the idea that like our beloved miniatures the artwork starts as a gray model.
You can see all the greyscale models in the gallery.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Celebrated my birthday at my parents' house in Georgia. I got the new Deff Dread. Oh baby I can't wait to put this bad boy together and have one of my buddies destroy him before he's able to do anything in the battle.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ultramarines the Movie Character Concept Art - The best Easter gift since Jesus?

Sweet Zombie Jesus.  Character concept art for the Ultramarines Movie.

It's like I've died and gone to 40K heaven, which fittingly works with the Easter joke motif, but seriously,
just look at Captain Severus
You can see the rest of the images in their gallery.