Friday, July 30, 2010

The Summer Duldrums

Last year I had the same problem.  Summer hits, and I find myself a slave to my wife's naggish whims...and busy with family stuff.  Either way, my productivity in painting, gaming, and blogging all go down.  So I decided to update my pictures of my Boyz.  I was hoping to have more done before I did it, but I'm currently cleaning the paint off my Stormboyz to repaint them to my liking, and my magnets haven't arrived so I've done very little with my Trukk and Deff Dread.

So hit the jump to see some photos of Da Boyz...none of which are as badly Photoshopped as Da Ork enjoyin' da sand 'n da sun on da beach.  Also, these images and more are part of the slideshow on the main page.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

40K Neotube - 7/28/10

Last week at Sand Diego Comic Con somebody filmed a quick, impromptu interview with Dan Abnett.  First, there's absolutely nothing new for the Ultramarines Movie, although he did mention he just finished up Prospero Burns.  But more importantly, it's the comparative analysis of his popularity versus Dirk Benedict that really intrigued me.

After the jump, natch.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

40K Neotube - 7/21/10

I've been getting ready to put my Ork Trukk and Deff Dread together, but I want them to be customizable to the game I'm playing.  Maybe I need to limit points values for them, or maybe I need to focus on a specific type of warfare based on who I'm playing.  The easiest way to handle that is magnets.  And so I've been wanting to pick up some magnets.  Lo and behold, while I was on vacation announced they will be giving away free magnets for one day at some point in the next couple weeks.

In preparation for the giveaway they released this nice little magnet buying guide, and then also released a video guide to magnets.  I know I run a lot of MWG videos on 40K Neotube, but they have the most videos and I only run the ones that I think are valuable resources.  And this guide to magnets is a valuable resource.

So check the video after the jump.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome Back 40K Radio

The first new 40K Radio episode since everything went to crap is now live.  It's an introduction to the new 40K Radio, discussing a little about the transition, what they plan to do with the show, who's involved, their backgrounds, things like that.  It's a unique episode, because really it's about the podcast, people, and plans, and not really about the game of 40K.  Which is fine, there was unfinished business that had to be taken care of, rumors that needed to be addressed, and concerns about Romeo of Battle Foam owning the show now.  At this point it's not a commercial for Battle Foam, and hopefully it stays that way.  You can tell the people love 40K, and hopefully that passion carries through into the regular episodes when those start up in August.  Also, unlike the regular episodes, this is just an hour long, so it's only a 60 minute podcast about the podcast.  I don't begrudge them this episode, though.  It needed to be done to wipe the slate clean and prep everyone for what's to come.

If you were a fan of 40K Radio, or if you're looking for a new 40K Podcast to listen to, then I recommend checking out 40K Radio Volume 2, Episode 1.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

40K Neotube - 7/14/10

The London MCM Expo featured an Ultramarines panel.  Chock full of information it really helped explain the foundation of the movie as far as people involved, technology used, and the like.  They still won't tell us who the baddies are in the movie, but still a great panel with lots of information.

If you can't have the volume loud enough to hear everything (like say at work) there is a transcript of the panel.

See the video of it after the jump.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ultramarines the Movie To Feature More Than Just Ultramarines

Ultramarines the Movie has announced that there will be more than just Ultramarines featured in the upcoming movie.  The Imperial Fists will also have a part to play.  Not only that, but John Hurt and Johnny Harris are both playing Imperial Fists.

You can read the whole announcement over at the Ultramarines Movie Blog, but personally I'm looking forward to more than just Ultramarines in the movie.  I know the Ultramarines are the face of the franchise for Games Workshop, but there are other Space Marine chapters I enjoy more, and the Imperial Fists are one of them.  No word yet on if they are battling Xenos or Chaos Marines, but I'll take any info I can get.

They even included some concept art for the Imperial Fists.  You can see all the art here, but I thought I'd include the Imperial Fists Shrine Vault detail image here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

40K Neotube - 7/7/10

I'm not going to lie. When I look for 40K videos for 40K Neotube, I have to wade through a lot of crap. A lot. Bad movies, bad animation, bad writing. Eventually I'll find something good and BAM it's posted. Occasionally I will stumble on a video that just floors me. Such is the case for this old fake teaser for Dawn of War II. It's a few years old, and still the animation is just stellar. It's not long, but it doesn't need to be. It's just pure win for the watcher (okay yes I know I should have used viewer but I like to use alliteration, so why don't you step down off the soap box, push it aside and quit judging me).

Also, enjoy the video.