Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Photos

So as any of my faithful readers know, my blog is cursed with horrible pictures of my miniatures. My digital camera cannot focus on the miniatures. I've tried using some of my various magnifying tools to compensate, but that has only led to slightly less blurry blobs where my miniatures should be, or freakishly focused photos that look like they were lifted from a bad Marilyn Manson video.

So tonight I switched gears, and instead of using my older sucky digital camera, I gave my old sucky web camera a try. And, needless to say the results, while not perfect, are a little better. The size of the photos are small, but when I tried larger sizes I got excessive graininess that made the pictures harder to see.

So, here are 3 pictures of my 3 completed Ork Boyz. For the record, with the winter months upon us, and my camper in the garage, I have not enameled either Boy #2 or Boy #3 because my spray area is under the camper. As I have not enameled them, I have also not done anything in regards to adding flock or sand or anything to the bases.

Boy #1, my first attempt at miniature painting since my days playing D&D as a teenager. And the nearly 20 years since I last attempted this have been kind, because while my D&D miniatures sucked (to the point I don't even have them anymore, I'm more than pleased with this as my first attempt with a 40K miniature).

Boy #2 presented a new challenge to me, metal. I mean I worked with making something look metalic with Boy #1's gun, but this one had a sword. I opted to not mess with anything like blood spattering or battle damage, as I was more interested in making sure the sword looked decent.
Boy #3 featured the addition of blood spattering to the metallic axe-head. It doesn't show up clearly in the photo, but I was pleased.

And there we have some updated, and hopefully better quality photos of my 3 completed boys. I am currently working on my Shoota, and then I'm going to paint my Boss Zagstruk.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dawn of War II Interview

Fidgit has posted a very nice, very in-depth interview with DoW II's lead designer Johnny Ebert.

I've pulled some of what I thought were the more interesting comments:
One of our goals was to maintain the depth of RTS, but we always felt RTS front-loaded way too much complexity, so we developed what we called a simplified entry point...
and this:
We decided if we continued on our current course, we weren't going to succeed. RTS sales had plateaued and are actually declining. We need to expand our player base or eventually we'll lose out to other genres and die out.
and this, too:
Most genres, like first person shooters and massively-multiplayer and free-to-play games, the ones that are experiencing strong growth, were constantly working to simplify themselves and make themselves more approachable, where RTS is going in the opposite direction.
I highly recommend reading the whole thing. It cements my thoughts on the game and makes the pending release that much more exciting.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Where have all the Posts Been?

Well it's been 12 days since my last post. What the hell is up with that?

I'll tell you. Plenty of Dawn of War II, a healthy dose of Battlestar Galactica, a smidge of Left4Dead, and me trying to get a better photo process. First of all, I want to show off my boyz, not just have them be a blurry image that kind of shows I can paint. Second, I want to show the progress of my Big Shoota as I paint him.

So I'm working on stuff, but as such haven't been writing stuff.

Still new Dawn of War II post today.

And a different look, 'cause black was almost too dark.

And more posts on the way.

Dawn of War II Comes Out This Week.

Budgetary constraints put me another 2 weeks away from getting it. That said, it is well worth it.

Now that I'm getting used to the interface, and the different gameplay it is really a very complimentary game to the original Dawn of War.

Dawn of War was a game that applied the standard concepts associated with RTS games to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You had your various races, you had characters that worked as the heroes a la Warcraft III, you had tech trees to move up, and resources to manage. The game involved standard exploration, base management, and battle management strategies that had to be balanced.

Dawn of War II takes away the base management, simplifies the tech tree and hero management and really pushes the focus away from management and balance to action. Oh sure, don't be stupid and get your forces wiped because good luck rebuilding in time to survive. But don't worry about having workers to build buildings, and balancing buildings with unit production. Other than building turrets or power generators there really is only one thing. Tech up, build units, and go forth and fight.

That's what makes DoW II so cool. They didn't make a straight sequel. They really made a different game. DoW is just as viable a game to play as DoW II. Each has a different challenge, each has a different focus, and each is fun in their own rights. The biggest thing that sets DoW II above DoW is graphics. Because let's face it, DoW II's graphics are just better. DoW still looks good, but just not as good as DoW II. Beyond that, the games may both be RTS, may both be 40K, but they are different...and that's just fine by me.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ork Boy #3

So I finished up Ork Boy #3. And for the record, when I say "Finished Up" I finished painting and putting them together. I need to put the enamel coat on them and put flock on the base, but it's winter, and so my garage (which is my spray station) currently has my camper so I need to find a different spot to spray stuff. Until then, when I say finish I mean pretty much finished.

That said, I'm happy with him. Here are the pics. As always, the pictures suck because my camera can't focus on the miniatures.

5 Ways Warhammer 40,000 Could Save Heroes

Okay, so like me you've probably found the fire for Heroes is almost out. You gave it a go, but ever since the Season 1 finale disappointed, it's been a tough go for the show. I understand. I'm there too. But fear not, for I have just what the doctor ordered to save Heroes:

Warhammer 40,000

Don't believe me? Well read on, because I have 5 reasons that a dose of 40k goodness could save Heroes.

1) It's in the future, and Heroes loves to save the future
Heroes relies on a tried and true plot device of time travel, with the Heroes constantly trying to forestall some horrible event or happening in the future. Well what better future to try to stop than the one where Humanity is battling for its very survival with Eldar, Tau, Necrons, and Orks beating down on humanity's last hope: Space Marines and the Imperial Guard. Wouldn't it be totally awesome to see Peter get all mopy and doubt-filled as Orks ripped him apart and feasted on his soft pink flesh. Would Claire heal after a Stompa stomped her? Would Parkman's ability drive him mad when his mind touched the Warp?

2) Waagh!
The enemies of Humanity are just the kind of kick-ass force to make the Heroes actually do something for a change. So much talk, so little action. Well Orks, they don't like talk. And Necrons, do they even talk at all? Let the Heroes discuss the moral conundrums of who they are, and how to use their powers, while Da Green Tide pours down on them.

3) The Emperor could be a Hero.
I know that is borderline blasphemy, but think about it. He could be the one Hero worth surviving, and as such it's no surprise he outlasts all the others. Or Maybe the Emperor is Peter, or Sylar. Individually the powers of each Hero is kind of lame. I can read minds, but I can't really do anything with the info I get. I can't get hurt, but I pop my shoulder out of its socket everytime I pick up my purse. But Peter and Sylar combine the powers. I don't get hurt which makes using the radiation power worthwhile. So why couldn't one of them use their powers to rule mankind for a few thousand millenia? Or perhaps he's another hero who hates the wussified Heroes running around and eventually takes over the world?

4) Ali Larter looks good no matter what millenium it is.
I'm just sayin'...

5) Who says they have to fight with the Space Marines?
I mean I'm all for watching someone like Mohinder having his head pop like an overripe melon when shot by a Space Marine.

Could the show get any worse? I doubt it, especially if they incorporated some kick ass 40K stuff to save it.