Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battle Report 6-17-11

I know I published my ignominious defeat first before the larger battle that I started first, but it was a shorter write up, and I really wanted to get that write up done and wash the taste out of my mouth before I got into the meat of my 40K gaming, this 1500 point battle with Steve.

To spice things up we decided to use the Battle Missions book to get a scenario.  We rolled off (1-3 were the Ork, 4-6 were Space Marines) and ended up with the Blitzkrieg Ork scenario, a fast attack favored scenario featuring 3 control points angled across the board.  It started Steve at a severe disadvantage before some surprising twists took the game in a direction we could not have predicted.

Hit the jump for the army lists, and turn by turn action

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games Assaults My Wallet Again

Admittedly offering downloadable NPC character sheets based on the Ultramarines movie for free seems to be a toothless assault, but now I'm again assailed by them to spend my non-existent funds on their Deathwatch game.

You can Download Proteus, Verenor, and the Hammer of Macragge for your Deathwatch game.

The download is available as a High Res and Low Res file at the Deathwatch Support Page.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Battle Report 6-18-11

 In a weekend filled with James Bond movie watching and 40K games, the most frustrating part of the entire venture was a quick 500 point battle my buddy James and I decided to do to fill the time. We really didn’t spend much time on the lists, and I will admit I brought ‘Ard Boyz mostly because I had never used them.

See the lists, and gory details after the jump

Friday, June 17, 2011

Army List Week - Fast Attack Friday

My final list of the week might not be legal (my Codex is in the other room, and I'm very lazy).  I'd have to see if either the Warbikers or the Nobz upgraded to warbikes were a troop choice with my HQ.  If not, then I'd have to rework it.  Of course if we allow the illegal 6 Dreadnought army my buddy Steve wants to table, then why not an illegal fast attack army like mine?

The list after the jump

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Army List Week - Thraka Mob Thursday

In my quest to find the best army list for this weekend, I have decided to try some named units, and then a sea of green to overwhelm my enemies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Army List Week - Wacky Wednesday

Today's Army List is an exercise in oddity. My Troop choices are a Nobz unit and a Deff Dread (based on bringing the Warboss and Big Mek, as well as a unit of Grots.  Otherwise it's all speed and mecha for my army.

As far as I know it's legal, and as far as I know, it's insane, but if you think it would work, let me know.

List after the jump.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Army List Week - Battlewagon Tuesday

Today's list comes features a fully armed and operational Battlewagon.  I also took only the Big Mek as my HQ unit, and lots of Boyz.

As always, opinions are always welcome.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Army List Week - Big Mek Monday

My gaming group has been slowly building towards the magical 1500 point army limit.  We've gotten to the 1200 points mark before, but this weekend we are going to try our hands at running a couple different games with each person tabling a 1500 point army.

I've started messing with Army lists.  This list is based on the units I have, proxying only units I haven't started/finished putting together.  So I don't have Lootas, Burnas, or Big Gunz, which is fine, because I haven't even used all the different options I have (such as more boyz, my battlewagon, all my Nobz, etc.).  So this week I'm going to toy with a different army list every day.  I would love to hear back from everybody on what they feel works, or doesn't work.  I'm not sure which armies I'll be up against but I could potentially see Tau, Chaos, Space Marines, Space Wolves, or Sisters of Battle.

Hit the jump to see my first list attempt.

FYI these lists are generated using The Forge, a free army list tool I use because I'm - according to my wife - an unemployed loser with nothing to live for except my little toys...I prefer cheap...)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

40K Neophyte is Mobile

Thanks to the latest updates on Blogger, 40K Neophyte is now optimized to be visted on a cell phone.  All the crappy content, now scaled to bore you while you're away from your computer.  Nothing special is needed, just a web ready phone, a decent internet connection, and a willingness to be subjected to my crappy writing while you're on the go.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

40K Neotube - Space Marine E3 Trailer

THQ and Relic had a new trailer for Space Marine they debuted at E3 yesterday.

One Word:  Chaos

Yep, up until now it was always Ultramarines vs. Orks.  But this trailer had a good look at some Chaos Marine and Daemon baddies that looked awesome.

Hit the jump to see the trailer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Announcing My New Blog

Okay guys, I'm not going to start ignoring 40K Neophyte, but I really had an urge to write about something else than just 40K.  So my buddy Steve and I have started a blog about James Bond called Bondtastic 007.

I just posted my first article out there, about a mysterious plane in Nassau that is apparently an abandoned plane from a James Bond movie, and my investigation into what plane from which movie.

So if you like the coolest spy in the history of cool spies, then enjoy Bondtastic 007.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

40K Neotube - Kill Team

Kill it, play it, love it...  The game is available this summer on XBox360 and Playstation, and will provide access to a free power sword upgrade.  (Sorry been hitting the bottle, and not really in the mood to type).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Is Here

So if my posting rate goes down a bit, it's only because my days are filled with outdoor activities and what not.  I'm still painting my Nobz, and have made them customizable.  So that's taking time too.  I also have another (non 40K) project that I'm trying to get off the ground.  That's taking up a bunch of time too, but hopefully that will get kicked off and going and I can bring some attention back here.

Also, I have some gaming planned for June 17th/18th, so look for a battle report or two to come out of that.

So I'm not officially into my normal summer blog duldrums since I am laid off still and so have more time than usual, but I just figured I'd give fair warning that if I slow down the posts it's only because I'm a fat lazy bastard.