Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dawn of War II Chaos Rising update I missed

My apologies, I missed this update last week over at the Dawn of War II site.  It's a chronicling of encounters between the Blood Ravens and the Chaos Space Marines in the Dawn of War series.  It's pretty darn cool, but I want to zero in on something and let my imagination run wild for a minute.

There's this one phrase in the entry that has my head spinning with possibilities:
Why the Blood Ravens would pull back from conflicts with the Black Legion is unknown. The truth is sure to come out soon, however -- a Black Legion warband under the command of Araghast the Pillager has its sights set on Aurelia and the Blood Ravens.
For those who may not be totally familiar with the Blood Ravens, they are the chapter of the Space Marines featured in the Dawn of War video games.  They have a heavy abundance of Librarians due to their prizing information, and their origins are shrouded in mystery.  No knowledge of which Primarch they come from, or what chapter they may have come from.

Speculation has run since Dawn of War: Dark Crusade that the Blood Ravens may be linked to a chapter that fell with Horus.  In Dark Crusade Davian Thule, commander of the Blood Raven forces destroyed artifacts which may have shown the origin of the Blood Ravens.  Not only that, but in Dawn of War II, comments about him being much darker since then are made by one of the other characters.  The Warhammer 40k Wiki discusses a possible connection with the Thousand Sons, a chapter that was corrupted when Horus fell.

I'm wondering if there will be something revealed about the history of the Blood Ravens in Chaos Rising.  Do the Blood Ravens resist fighting the Black Legion because of a connection with them?  If something is revealed, will it be canonical?  Will it affect the Blood Ravens Codex that people are willing Games Workshop to make (c'mon GW you know you want to, you'd be a lot cooler if you did)?  Is Games Workshop holding back on a Codex until they reveal these answers?  Or is it just something they said to drum up interest in Chaos Rising?

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