Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Rut Ploughed Through

If there's one constant theme through my blog it's that I'm an idiot and don't know the game I love all that well.  But if there's another less overt theme it's been an interesting (well interesting to me anyway) chronicle of the ups and downs of my interest in 40K.  I'm never not interested in 40K, but like anybody it waxes and wanes.  At times I'm fired up and it's all I want to think and/or talk about.  At times I just can't muster the energy to do anything with it.

This is natural.  And since this is my blog, and a personal journal of my journey into, and greater understanding of 40K, it's also been a journal of the peaks and valleys of my interest in 40K.

Currently I am on the upswing out of another valley.  You probably noticed the lack of regular updates to the site.  That's a direct result of my valleys.  Happens all the time.  I've been swamped at work, and with the holidays, and while I loves me Space Marine, I've spent more time lately playing DC Universe Online (hey new free MMORPG games are always good).  Plus I took a break from podcasts and was listening to sports talk radio (because hey, my beloved Detroit Lions don't completely suck this year).

A couple weeks ago I dusted off the old podcast app, and started listening to my favorite 40K podcasts again.  And today I'm going to start another lunchtime series of gaming with my buddy Steve.  We should be done with it by next week so I can have a good write up after that.  And as the holidays descend on us, I hope I can find the time in the madness to update the blog.

But lord knows I'm glad to be moving up and out of the valley because it's a lot more fun.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

40K's Bad Rep

Normally I don't ape material for this site from the Blogosphere.  The game is big, we all have our take on it, and generally if it's a big enough story I'll have my own opinion about it and will rant and rave on my own.  But every now and then something comes up in a fellow blogger's site that I feel deserves the attention.

Such is the case with the 122nd Cadian's recent run-in with irresponsible journalism and 40K.  He makes some valid points in regards to what the reporter has to say.  I really encourage you to head over and read it.  I myself tread this same path a couple years ago in regards to a blog post that PBS posted about the evils of 40K.  A lot of what I said was in direct response to that post, that no longer exists by the way.  However, I still feel very strongly about a lot of what I said.  And I hate the fact this game we love so much has to deal with uninformed opinions or commentary biased by agendas.  I'm fully aware that we play a niche game that doesn't appeal to everyone, but it isn't a bad game.  And if you're looking for a positive view of the game and the people who play it enjoy the Hammers of War video.