Monday, December 28, 2009

God Bless Us Everyone

I hope Christmas was good for you guys, because it was good for me.  I ate too much, I didn't drink enough, and I spent too much time with in-laws.  But other than that, I got Assault on Black Reach and a Killa Kan with Rokkit Launcha to build my army up.

This is cool, because I have a bunch of minis to paint and it gives me an excuse to switch gears on how I paint.  I spend so much time fixating on the details that I'm convinced I'm going to burn out on painting.  So for the rank and file of my army I'm going to start dipping them.  It'll get them painted faster and allow me to spend my time painting the boss units, or big units that just look like fun to paint (like my Ork Trukk).

So, does anybody have any advice before I start dipping?  Any suggestions, tips, or tricks?  I'd love to hear them because I'm going to admit that I'm a little nervous about starting this.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ultramarines The Movie Concept Art Revealed

I just got the latest e-mail newsletter for Ultramarines The Movie and lo there was in the newsletter a link to some revealed concept art.  The art is the entrance to the Codex Chapel, and I have to say it's just another bit of news that has me excited about this movie.  Sadly it also said the next steps were recording voice actors and creating story boards.  So it appears the movie is farther off than I had hoped.

See the art after the jump

Friday, December 18, 2009

Ultramarines The Movie The Update from The Producer

The Ultramarines The Movie: Blog has posted an interview with one of the producers.  It sounds like they are definitely trying to make the Warhammer 40,000 movie that we fans of Warhammer 40,000 have been wanting.  My only question is "What army are they going to fight?" they mentioned a bunch of possibilities, but left us hanging on which one it shall be (I hope it's Orks).

See the video after the jump.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dawn of War II Chaos Rising update I missed

My apologies, I missed this update last week over at the Dawn of War II site.  It's a chronicling of encounters between the Blood Ravens and the Chaos Space Marines in the Dawn of War series.  It's pretty darn cool, but I want to zero in on something and let my imagination run wild for a minute.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Horus Heresy Board Game

You've read the books,  you've heard of the old game.  Now you too can command the forces of Man or Chaos in most epic battle ever.  Fantasy Flight Games has released Horus Heresy, a two person board that allows players to play out one of the seminal moments in the 40K mythos history.

I'm not sure how different this new release is when compared to the 1993 release.  However, I think it's safe to say that it will be fun.  Whether you care or not, in the fluff few events are more important to the 40K universe than the Horus Heresy.  So I doubt Games Workshop would do anything to detract from the popularity (and money making potential) of this story with a poor game.  (Courtesy Bell of Lost Souls)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Army List Program For Us Cheapskates

I have no shame in the fact I'm cheap.  Actually it's my wife that's cheap, I have no shame in constraining my spendthrift ways to her budgetary demands.  So as I've transitioned from focusing on just buying and painting my army to buying, painting, and using my army in the game I've come to realize that I really want a list building program.

Why do I want a list building program?  For a couple reasons.

Monday, December 7, 2009

A Tryptophan Clouded Trip Through a Trippy Battlereport

Note: This battle report has been sitting in the queue waiting for me to publish it for a week.  I make no apologies for the fact that right now I barely know what day of the week it is, but I do apologize for letting 40K Neophyte sit unattended like I did. 
While most of my Thanksgiving weekend was spent working and trying to avoid death at the hands of my loved ones for working, I fit in a round of 40k.  It was a tight fit considering how long it went, and it was an exhausting fit considering how late it went but it was a fun fit, and that's all that matters.

Pictures and battle report after the jump...