Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Recap of a Fun Gaming Weekend

Okay, so here's the thing, we had a lot of stuff going on this weekend:  Two tables, I was broadcasting live, and my rebuild of my Trukk and Deff Dread after they broke in transit, so I did a really bad job taking notes and pictures.  Which is fine, because I lost all my games, and don't mind not reliving the brutality in detail.  I had fun, though, but I pretty much got tabled in all of my games.  I had tried some different builds with my lists, and ran some units I had never run before.  In the end it was fun, I learned a lot, and I didn't walk away from the weekend in a funk like I did last time.

Oh sure, I hate losing to James, but the build he brought against me just kicked my ass, and yes the dice continued to not be my friend, but the dice are not the reason I lost my games.  I'm the reason I lost my games.

Hit the jump and I'll summarize each game, plus discuss some of the ancillary stuff that I enjoyed so much.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

broadcasting again


Tau v. Orks 1750 pts.

Friday, September 23, 2011

We Are Live At Ustream

We are broadcasting, and getting ready to start a game.  Come on by and check us out.

Reminder: 40K on Ustream Tonight and Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that I will be broadcasting 40K games tonight and tomorrow during my gaming groups big get together.  I was hoping to be in the first game tonight, but tragedy struck today when I was dropping my stuff off at my buddy Steve's at lunch.  I had to make a hard stop, and my little toolbox that had my trukk, warboss, Zagstruk, and Deff Dread slid off the seat, hit the dashboard and dropped to the floor.

The Warboss came off his base, the Deff Dread lost some bits, Zagstruk lost some pieces, and the Trukk came apart.  Also a bunch of magnets came off too.  This just reinforces why I need to get some cases. I'm looking at KR Mutlicase as it fits my budget better.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Game Night and Day

This weekend the gaming group I run with is having an all-to-infrequent game day.  Actually it's a game night and game day.  We will be starting festivities Friday night and continuing our gaming Saturday.  I will be having battle reports next week, but if you want to get a jump on the battles and maybe play a little game of "Wow those guys are idiots" and try to spot the rules we mess up, then check out Ustream.  I have set up a channel and we will be broadcasting games Friday night and Saturday.

This is all experimental, we tried this once before and had audio problems, I have resolved those so we'll see how this works.  If it doesn't work, then I'll have another excuse to use my Fail version of Bob Waaagh!  However, I'm hoping this will be a fun way to interact with anybody who's interested in watching the activities.

When I have an idea of when things will get started I will post it here at the site.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is That What That Rule Says? - Morale

As I continue to read through the rulebook in preparation for my gaming group's next big game day, I've found that re-reading the rules with actual game play under my belt has given me a far more concrete understanding of them.  Far different from the abstract understanding I had from reading the rules before I played a game.  But I've also found rules I've messed up, normally just messing them up in my memory as we've played.

Today's rule is Taking Morale Checks, hit the jump to see what kind of idiot I am this time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Is That What That Rule Says?

I make no secret about my ability to mess up a rule.  I know it's because I don't play as often as I like so the rules get used, then sit in my mind unused for months so that when I tap back into those files I find things mixed up, forgotten, or just plain ignored.  Shoot, even studying the rules for a specific unit before I play it can sometimes result in me being stupid and thinking I know the rule only to mess up a stat.  When I mess up a rule and I realize it, I will mention it here.  I get grief for cheating, from James, but this is the same guy who made a blood pact with the dice gods to let him win in exchange for open access to his groinal area.  Believe me, I'd rather be a so-called cheater than a carnal inflatable sex doll for the gods in exchange for some meaningless wins.

That said, I'm going to start a semi-regular feature around here called "Is that What That Rule Says?"  In this feature I will be discussing rules that we (mostly I)have made mistakes interpreting in our group and how that affected the game, and what the actual interpretation should be.  However, I need some help.  I need to know that my revised or corrected interpretation is correct.  So if I mention a rule and how I got it wrong, and how I think it should be played, and that is wrong let me know in the comments.  AND, if anybody has any examples that would fit into this I'd love to hear them and include them in the series.  If you have any examples you are willing to share please email me the rule to 40kneo@gmail.com, how it was interpreted and how it affected your game and I will include it in the series.  And yes, we can make it anonymous if you so desire.

Now hit the jump and check out the first rule I've messed up.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Personal Painting Challenge Wrap Up

After I failed my personal painting challenge, I finished up the Deff Dread, and then decided to take some pictures of what I did complete.  Hit the jump and check out what I did get done, and then take a look at my slowly progressing army.

A warning and a reminder.  Warning, there are a bunch of pictures after the jump so if the page loads slow that's why.  And the reminder: I suck at taking pictures of miniatures, so there's that to deal with too...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Golden Joystick Awards

The Golden Joystick Awards voting is now open.  Dawn of War II: Retribution is one of the games in the Strategy category.  So get to the polls, vote early, and vote often.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Personal Painting Challenge Update #4 - FAIL

Well we saw this coming for quite a while, and it's official, I failed my personal painting challenge.  I really set myself up for this trying to do too much with my normal summer schedule chock full of family stuff, outdoor stuff, work stuff, and drinking stuff (okay that didn't work, I don't just randomly drink stuff, I just find random stuff to do while I drink).  Anyway, add in all of my normal outside summer influences and my already limited free time gets stretched pretty thin.  Knowing this, I probably should have scaled back my ambitious attempt at focusing myself on 40K.  I was working on my Nobz, so I had those to finish, I really wanted to paint my Deff Dread so I put that on my list, and I always need more Ork Boyz painted so I put those on my list.

The Nobz were a treat to paint, but because I magnetized them I had to paint a slew of arms to complete them.  This was fine, but it took longer than I expected.  The Deff Dread was a blast to paint, but for colors I went cheap.  Most of the Dread is black, grey, or metallic.  Splashes of color were mostly reserved for the cabling or details.  However I again magnetized him so all the arms and most of the weapons had to be painted.  Unfortunately timing this weekend got messed up by circumstances in Real Life that curtailed my painting time.  He's almost done, and I can likely have him finished tonight.  His body is all painted except for some minor detail work, attached to the legs, the engines are done and glued on, and really I just have some detail work on the weapons and arms to finish up.  The Ork Boyz were cleaned but I never primered them, and thus didn't even start to paint them.

So while I failed the challenge, the challenge wasn't a failure.  Thanks to this challenge I was able to refocus on 40K, refocus on what made the game fun for me, and refocus on getting my army painted.  I failed at the task I set before myself, and failed my challenge.  But the challenge didn't fail me and I'm more invigorated for 40K than ever before.