Sunday, December 13, 2009

Horus Heresy Board Game

You've read the books,  you've heard of the old game.  Now you too can command the forces of Man or Chaos in most epic battle ever.  Fantasy Flight Games has released Horus Heresy, a two person board that allows players to play out one of the seminal moments in the 40K mythos history.

I'm not sure how different this new release is when compared to the 1993 release.  However, I think it's safe to say that it will be fun.  Whether you care or not, in the fluff few events are more important to the 40K universe than the Horus Heresy.  So I doubt Games Workshop would do anything to detract from the popularity (and money making potential) of this story with a poor game.  (Courtesy Bell of Lost Souls)


  1. It doesn't look bad does it?

    PS: how did you get the eBay ads to work on your blog?

    I'd be hugely grateful if you could help me out and I'd add you to the Space Wolves blogroll.

    Please email me via my profile to chat.

  2. Horus Heresy: I think it looks damn cool.

    Ebay: Okay, I needed to retrace the steps I took. I believe, it was pretty easy. I just embedded some code I got from the ebay partner network to include the widget I use. I narrowed it down to Space Ork because it was the easiest simplest way to get a good list...pluse I play Orks so I enjoy their Orkyness.

    The link is

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