Da Boyz

Currently I'm working on my first army, Da Orks.  I have a huge backlog of figures to paint, and while I find my time stretched thin between family and other interests, I still plug away working to someday be able to table an army worthy of shoutin' "Waaagh!"

'Dis is 'Ow Da Boyz is Comin' Along:

In Progress
Deff Dread

 10 Ork Boyz w/Big Shoota & Rokkit Boy
20 AoBR Ork Boyz w/2 Big Shootas
Boss Zagstruk
Ork Trukk

Waiting To Start

Warboss w/Bosspole (I call him Oglug Waasnaga)
AoBR Boyz
AoBR Nobz
AoBR Deffkoptas
AoBR Warboss
Killa Kan with Rokkit Launcha (old metal version)
Killa Kans (new plastic models)
Warbiker Mob
Big Mek

My buddy Steve is currently painting a triptych of an Ork's rise from one of Da Boyz to a Warboss, so he's painted the AoBR Warboss and one of the Nobz.  Obviously, they are the best looking figures in my army.  You can see the Warboss in my site logo or at Cool Mini or Not, I'll have pictures of the Nob and the Warboss in my slideshow eventually.