Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Weather News

Our top story from the weekend.  Reports have been coming in that Hell, also known as the Underworld or Beelzebub's Bungalow, was hit with a massive cold front that seemed to emanate from GamesDay UK.  Early reports indicate this massive cold front brought excessive winds, freezing rain, and snow, and that all of Hell has been blanketed in a coat of ice and snow as if it was frozen over.

The cause of this weather phenomenon has been a major debate with experts, but all signs seem to point to a relaunch of the maligned and neglected race of Dark Eldar by Games Workshop as the primary cause.

Hell released the following statement, "While the denizens of Hell appreciate the occasional snow shower, we did not expect this to happen.  This cold wave is the biggest we've seen since that guy that runs the 40K Neo site got laid.  Man, we totally never saw that coming.  We knew there was going to be a cold breeze or something this weekend, but man how long had it been since the Dark Eldar had seen some love?  2nd Edition?  Thanks to all those Dark Eldar players who sold their soul to Satan to get them updated.  Don't get used to the snowball fights, you're facing an eternity of torment."

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