Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My first Non-Loss

I've mentioned before about the desolate arid isle of emptiness that is my won/loss record.  It's been a bother, but I know some of the issues that have helped exacerbate it (long gaps between playing, poor list design), and have been working to correct those.

So I'm trying to get more gaming in.  It's hard since our gaming group is spread out of southeast Michigan, and Northwest Ohio.  However, I recently took a new job that has me working 5 minutes down the street from my buddy Steve's house.  A couple weeks ago we tried to get a 400 point game in at lunch when he was home for the day.  We actually only got 1 1/2 turns in before I had to get back to work.  Last Friday Steve gets a hold of me and says our buddy Chris is coming over to play 40K with him that weekend and we need to finish up our 400 point game to clear the table.  Now, I had thought we were done and that it had been taken down to protect his board and miniatures (I was using his AoBR Orks) from his cat.  So last Friday I went over to his place and we finished up the game.

I don't have pictures or a turn by turn break down like normal.  The nature of the game (trying to get a quick game in) and the layoff between starting and finishing all killed that.  But I can tell you played a 400 point annihilation game to a draw, and can map out what happened.

The lists were kind of as follows:  Steve had his Librarian with a Scout Unit, tactical marines in a Rhino, and a Sargent.  I had My Big Mek w/KFF, 20 Ork Boyz, Deff Dread (as a troop), and Looted Wagon w/Boomgun.

The game started with my Boomgun destroying Steve's Scouts.  Steve tried to use a psychic power on my Ork Boyz, but thanks to my use of the full 2" unit cohesion he was only able to take out 2 Orks, and then another when he pinned me with his Sargent who was a sniper.  My Boomgun rained death and despair down on his tactical marines, and then my Deff Dread finished up the job with its skorcha and close combat attacks.

Steve was able to eventually get my Ork Boyz in a tight group when he assaulted, and I piled in.  He was unable to hurt any but I put a wound on him.  He failed his morale check, withdrew, regrouped, and dropped a psychic attack on my bunched up Ork Boyz, taking them out with that, his Rhino, and his Sargent.  His tactical Marines also put killed my Big Mek that I had moved into base contact with my Deff Dread to try to negate any future Crew Shaken results.

After the 5th round we had to call it because I had to go get my daughter, but in the end we both took out 2 units.  I was still sitting pretty with my Looted Wagon and Deff Dread who were both ready to take aim on his Librarian (I had already hit him with the Looted Wagon that he saved).  So it's hard to say how the rest of the game would have played out, but at least it wasn't a loss.

It also set up our idea to game at lunch this week.  Steve is working from home so we are going to try to get a 1500 point game in over the course of the week.  That one I am taking pictures and really doing my best to record what happens round by round.


  1. Just to clarify, my scout sergeant was Telion, who can't equip a sniper rifle, but his bolter is a custom job that has the rending and pinning effect as well. ;)

    And as a point of pride, I have to point out the Librarian *voluntarily* failed the morale roll to get out of the melee after drawing all those filthy greenskins into a nice tight bunch for the vortex of doom to do it's job. It was a hell of a gamble because if I'd won the combat I couldn't have pulled him out of there after kiting all those brutes together. ;) Luckily enough it worked spectacularly. heh heh

  2. Yeah, this is why I like to take notes and pictures during the battle and have the army lists to work from later. It had been weeks since you had described Telion to me so I just assumed sniper when I wrote about pinnning. And your gambit worked well with the Librarian. And had we rolled to see if the game continued you probably would have won...so cheap as it is, I'll take the draw.