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Battle Report 3/6-3/14

Having fallen off the 40K wagon for a bit, I really needed something to get me going again.  Thankfully featured opponent and good friend Steve changed schedules and is home at lunch.  So we decided to get a good 1500 point game in to prep us for an upcoming game day with our gaming group.

The battle was well contested, and while the dice did not help Steve in most of the game, they abandoned me at the end enough to turn the tables on me.

Hit the jump to see how it all played out.

Scenario: Seize Ground
Deployment: Dawn of War
Armies: Steve's Blood Ravens vs. my Orks

Steve:  Blood Raven Space Marines - 1500 Points
HQ - Librarian in Power Armor - 150 pts
HQ - Chaplain in Terminator Armor - 135 pts
Elite - Legion of the Damned Squad w/Sergeant - 165 pts
Elite - Terminator Assault Squad w/Sergeant and Land Raider Crusader - 460 pts
Troops - Tactical Squad w/Sergeant and Rhino - 210 pts
Troops - Scout Squad w/Sergeant - 80 pts
Heavy - Thunderfire Cannon w/Techmarine Gunner - 100 pts
Heavy - Predator w/Brother-Sergeant Chronus - 200 pts

Me: Orks - 1500 Points
HQ - Warboss w/Power Klaw - 95 pts
Elite - Lootas - 150pts
Troops - Nobz w/Painboy and Trukk - 480 pts
Troops - Ork Boyz w/Nob with Power Klaw - 215 pts
Troops - Ork Boyz w/2 Big Shootas - 130 pts
Troops - Gretchin - 15 pts
Fast Attack - Stormboyz w/Boss Zagstruk - 145 pts
Heavy - Killa Kans w/Rokkit Launchas - 150 pts
Heavy - Killa Kans w/Big Shootas - 120 pts

Steve won initiative and deployed his Land Raider with Terminators, his Thunderfire Cannon, and his Librarian.  He kept his Legion of the Damned Squad in reserve. I deployed my Lootas and Killa Kans with Rokkit Launchas, keeping my Storyboyz in reserve.  All other units were brought on from the table edge in Turn 1.

Turn 1
Steve moved his Predator in from the edge and immobilized a Killa Kan with Rokkit Launcha.  His Land Raider then moved into range and shot at those Killa Kans, but was unable to do any damage.  His Terminators assaulted my Kans out of the Land Raider.  He tried to fire on my Lootas with his Thunderfire Cannon, but was too far away to get to them with night fighting.  The Rhino with Tactical Marines moved in but was unable to do any damage firing.

Look at all those Orks waiting to kill soft 'umies

My Lootas fired on the Scouts wiping the entire squad except for the Sergeant.  The Shoota Boyz moved onto the table and eviscerated the Scout Sergeant in a hail of gun fire that in hindsight was brutal overkill.  The Killa Kans with Big Shootas moved in off the edge, as did my Slugga/Choppa Boyz, and Gretchin who all ran, as well as my Trukk with Nobz and Warboss.

Although I like this view of them better...

Assault on the Kans was interesting as Steve had forgotten to equip a chain fist, and of course Kans have a horrible WS thanks to the Grots inside them.  My Kans were able to take out one of the Terminators in the first turn.

What we have here is a bunch of fraidy cat Space Marines avoiding actual conflict

Turn 2
 Steve deep struck his Legion of the Damned.  He fired on and took out 6 of my Lootas, but was too far away to assault them.  Steve's Predator shot at my Trukk, killing the Big Shoota.  The Thunderfire Cannon took out 4 Slugga/Choppa Boyz.  It also hit the Trukk with an errant shot, but failed to damage it.  The Land Raider took out another 5 Slugga/Choppa Boyz, and the Melta Gun stunned the Trukk.  The Librarian took out 2 more Lootas leaving 2 remaining.  The Rhino took out another Loota, leaving one last.  The Tactical Marines deployed and shot at the Shoota Boyz.  He scored 5 wounds, but I made a cover save.

Bloodiest game of peak-a-boo ever

Killa Kans with Shootas shot at the Legion and took out one.  My Lootas shot at the Legion and took out two more, and the Shoota Boyz finished them off.  The Slugga/Choppa Boyz ran ahead, as did the Grots.  My Stormboyz failed to come in from reserve this round.

The Kans and Terminators continued to be stuck in assault.  Steve took out one of the Kans, but I failed to take out another Terminator.

Turn 3
Steve shot at the Trukk but failed to do any damage to it.  The side bolters from the Predator took out one of the Ork Boyz.  The Librarian used Vortex of Doom on the Nobz and Warboss.  The Warboss was lost as were 4 Nobz.  The Trukk was also shook.  The Thunderfire Cannon wounded another Ork Boy, and put a wound on one of the remaining Nobz.  Steve took out another Shoota Boy with the Tactical Marines, and the Terminators finished off the last Killa Kan which resulted in an explosion that wounded another Ork Boy.

One of the rare times Steve's Chaplain has ever lasted, let alone been productive

Shootas shot at the Tactical Marines and took one outThe Nobz and Warboss deployed from the Trukk and shot at the Tactical Marines, but failed to hit.  In retaliation for the beat down put on the Nobz by the Librarian, the remaining Loota shot at the Librarian and wounded him.  The Shoota Kans tried to finish off the Librarian but were unable to get a wound on him.  The Grots shot at the Tactical Marines, and while they hit with 75% of the shots there were no wounds that resulted from it.

Turn 4
Losses continued to mount for the Ork Boyz when the Land Raider unleashed everything on them.  The Terminators shot at the Nobz and failed to do any damage, but then assaulted them.  The Predator took out the last of the Ork boyz, and the Nobz lost assault and broke (although they did take out a Terminator).  The Thunderfire Cannon had a good round of firing against the Shoota Boyz and got 8 kills.

Can you find the Ork Boy proxied as a Loota?

The Shoota Boyz shot at the Tactical Marines and took out one.  The Stormboyz came in from reserve, deep struck within range of the Tactical Marines and assaulted them killing off 4 of the Tactical Marines.  2 Stormboyz were lost in the initial assault before hand to hand even began.  THe Tactical Marines failed morale and fell back.  The remaining Loota shot at the Rhino, but was unable to damage it.  The Shoota Kans got the last wound on the Librarian.  The Grots moved and then ran because nothing was in range.

Turn 5
 The Tactical Marines recovered and shot at the Stormboyz killing Zagstrukk.  Steve tank shocked the remaining Kans with his Rhino, but in a Death or Glory I stunned the Rhino.  The Thunderfire cannon shot at the Nobz.  One Nob was lost, but so was a Terminator in an errant shot.  The Terminators then shot at the Nobz (doing no damage) and re-assaulted them (as I didn't run very far).  The 5 little Grots met the big bad Land Raider and the Land Raider won.  However in the rolls for wounding Steve rolled 3 ones....unfortunately there were still more shots than Grots and they all died.

I was this close to a victory...

My Shoota Kans moved closer to the flag by the bastion.  The Trukk tank shocked the Terminators who attempted but failed a Death or Glory which resulted in the loss of a Thunder Hammer Termie.  The Nob from the Ork Boyz had survived and ran off the edge of the board.  I moved my Shoota Boyz towards the closest control point, then tried to run the last 3 inches needed to get within range, but rolled a 1 for the run.

Turn 6
The Thunderfire Cannon shot at the Shoota Kans with a ground shaking hit, no damage but hit right on the farthest Kan from the flag.  Predator shot at the Shoota Boyz, took out 2 Boyz which was enough to force me to make a morale check which I failed and proceeded to run away from the flag.

The Kans were able to move within the 3 inches of the flag despite the shot from the Cannon, and futiley fired on the Tactical Marines.  The remaining Loota took out another Tactical Marine.

Instead, this deadlock of Marines and Kans gave us an unsatisfying draw.

The game ended at the end of Turn 6 in a tie.  I had no troops left that could take a point (Shoota Boyz were less than half strength so couldn't recover), and Steve's remaining troops were holding a flag I contested.  Not a lot was left on the board, but had we gone to turn seven I think it would have been an interesting look to see what might have happened.  Still, my dice rolls were a lot better than normal, and Steve's rolls were pretty crappy.  However when the game was on the line the dice seemed to go sour and Steve's rose to the occasion...except at the end when I was able to move the Kans within range of the flag.

This was also the first time that Steve's Thunderfire Cannon remained unmolested throughout the entire game, but the Legion of the Damned and Scouts were quick casualties that hurt him.  I, on the other hand, am falling in love with the Kans.  I am becoming very much a fan of Ork Shooting.  Oh yeah, the BS sucks.  But if you have a squad of 20 Shoota Boyz with 18 with 2 S4 shots at 24" and then 2 Big Shootas, that's a lot of dice.  So having a squad of 3 Kans with Big Shootas is huge.  Getting 9 shots with a Strength 5 gun with a 36" range and a BS of 3 (versus the usual Orky 2) can be damaging, but for my money the most effective unit the Orks can bring is the Lootas.  Strength 7 gun, 48" 1-3 shots per turn.  I can take out a transport or walker, with those guys.  Very deadly.

This was also a good prelude of things to come with a big game day with our group on the horizon.

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