Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Camera Conundrum

So I have a bit of a conundrum. My digital camera is old, and does not work for this blog. Actually it's pretty piss-poor for anything miniature related. However, I wanted to take pictures of my 2 completed Ork Boyz. But when I looked at the pictures they just don't cut it. The camera doesn't want to focus on da Boyz.
So this is the kind of quality you can expect on this blog. Crappy photos to go with mediocre writing. Because I could pay for professional writing services and a good camera...or I could just say screw it and give you what I can afford to give. And that's exactly what I plan to do. So here are the best pics you're going to get from me. Ones where I painstakingly set up the shot and have the camera take the picture through my magnifying light ring or one of my other magnifiers.

Ork Boy #1:
For a first time effort I was most proud of the fact that he didn't completely suck. And I liked the bleeding mouth.

Ork Boy #2:
With the use of 2 weapons I had more leeway with the pose. This one also has pants that are ripped at the butt, and the stitching to hold them together was fun to do.

The Ork Boyz together:I've got a post brewing to discuss what I learned from #1 to #2 and how I refined my technique. But for now I'm glad just to get the crappy photos posted.

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