Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dawn of War II - First Impressions




It was overwhelming. The game is totally different from Dawn of War, and no disrespect to DoW but that's a good thing.

Dawn of War took Warhammer 40K and put it in your classic RTS milieu. You had base and resource management, as well as unit and building upgrades. You explored, you conquered, you fought.

Dawn of War II isn't like that. You have a base, it's one building. You can upgrade your base, but you don't have to build certain buildings to make it happen. You upgrade units at the unit level. The focuse of DoW II isn't to play a classic RTS game, the focus is to get in there and kick some soft human asses across the map.

You have 4 races to choose from: Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, and Tyranids. From there you can pick how you want to play. Are you going to play offense? Stealth? You pick before the game starts how you want to play the game, and what the focus of your army will be.

And then you join the game and fight.

And in my case, you die. Of course I was stupid and let my Boyz get surrounded and by the time my Stormboyz weredropping in, the Boyz were gone and my Boss was close to dead.

So it's fun. Lots of fun, but it's different and I have to get used to that. Graphically it is beautiful. And I love the Orks, I still need to play the other races, but the Orks were a blast to play.

One other thing I noticed, was the dynamic sizing of the heroes in the menus. I'll have to go back to DoW because I don't remember this in the first game, but in DoW II the example boss/heroes on the menu are sized appropriately. Humans are a little taller than Eldar, Orks are taller than humans, and Tyranids tower over everyone.


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