Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lazy Jerk Is Finally Updating...or is he?

Obviously there have been no updates lately. The reason is real life has picked my schedule up and killed it like that Dreadnaught in the DoW II intro did to the Eldar. I haven't played DoW II, I haven't painted. My computer/painting room has been taken over by my step-son who is home from college, and my step-daughter just graduated so I've been swamped with getting ready for her open house too. Combine that with my new job and the complete lack of slacker time that has come with that, and well I'm pretty much a walking shell of a man who's seen his free/fun time gone.

So to keep people from writing off this blog completely, and try to keep people up to date, I bring you this update of our 400 Point Challenge I'm in. My buddy Steve decided to show off just how far ahead he is in the challenge. His quote was "show your readers the army that's gonna pound your Green Tide some day... ;)"


Doesn't he know that Mork and Gork will NOT stand for that kind of insolence. Dey's gonna bring down all dem soft pink skinz. Deir soft skin's gonna pop 'n 'splode wit all the dakka dakka we's gonna bring down on deir heads.


  1. For the record, if he kicks my ass in the game like he kicks my ass in painting (both quantity and quality) then I have no chance and the Green Tide will fall. Hopefully the dice are with me that day.

  2. You should have an even chance, as the dice-lice terminally hate me. ;)