Monday, May 4, 2009

Dawn of War II - The Sound of War

Relic has released the Dawn of War II soundtrack free for fans to download through Steam.

First of all, this is completely awesome by Relic and Games Workshop to release this music free.  It's a lot easier for me to get these free things by my wife.  And this will save that kind of battle for where it counts (more minis).

Second, after immersing myself in the soundtrack for the weekend, I've come to acknowledge that the Dawn of War II soundtrack is a much better album than the original.  This is a lot from me considering the first soundtrack is composed by Jeremy Soule, one of my favorite game soundtrack composers.  And while the original soundtrack has a couple pieces that I miss ("Blood Ravens Approach" and "March of the Emperor" to name a couple), track for track the new soundtrack is better.

Each track grabs hold and won't let go.  My personal favorites are "For the Craftworld," "March of the Waaagh! (Ork Theme)," "The Green Horde Rises," "Show Me What Passes For Music Among Your Misbegotten Kind (credits roll)," and the Voltron opening-esque "Meridian Nights (Noobie's Grim Dark Future Remix)".  But every track is enjoyable.

Kudos to Doyle Donehoo for 20 tracks of complete awesomeness that have now become my goto soundtrack to paint minis by.

Now go download it and enjoy.

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