Monday, August 31, 2009

Space Hulk!

So my buddy Steve ponied up the money for Space Hulk. For those who aren't in the know Space Hulk is a board game from Games Workshop released in 1989. It introduced Genestealers (later made part of the Tyranids) and pitted them against Space Marines doing a quick recon on the titular Space Hulk before it drifted back into the Warp. Kind of putting Alien into Warhammer 40K.
(1st edition Space Hulk box art)

This re-release celebrates the 20th anniversary of the game with a limited edition release for a $100 price tag. Obviously supplies were limited. As my funds were too, I'm living vicariously through Steve. And he graciously offered up pictures of his Space Hulk that arrived at his doorstep yesterday.

Photobucket(The new eidition of Space Hulk box art)

Photobucket(That lightning sword belongs on an 80's metal album)

So obviously Steve was excited as he opened the box. I mean this isn't just a box of goodies, this a $100 box of Terminator filled 40K goodies. I'm sure his hand was trembling with anticipation as he opened the box. His nipples were probably erect too. Honestly I think his own blog post describes what he got best.

I just wanted to highlight a couple things he said:

It all looks very cool. I never had my own copies of earlier editions, so I'm pretty psyched to have gotten one of these, with the limited edition and all. The miniatures all look pretty good, with the Broodlord and Librarian being clear stand outs, as well as the dead Blood Angel on the throne.

Photobucket(Room Tiles)

Photobucket(Floor Tiles...oh yes, there will be blood)



However not all was well in Space Hulk Land.

When I opened up the box everything was covered in some kind of whitish... grit...but I figured it was cardboard dust from the packing factory or something.

...the sand timer had snapped in two like the cheap plastic it was made of, and my stuff was covered in sand.

So...I notice my next issue... a broken-off Genestealer arm, and a few broken-off Genestealer talons.

Photobucket(Notice the sand in the upper right corner)

Photobucket(A closer look at the sand)

Photobucket(The broken timer)

Photobucket(The broken Genestealer arm)

So there you have it. The game looks incredible. And other than some shoddy packing which marred the joyous opening for the only person I know who got it, it looks pretty kick ass to me. Hopefully whoever packed that box finds their ass in a heated and entirely uncomfortable "Come to Jesus meeting".

I can guarantee when the 400 point challenge is completed we will be making Space Hulk part of that day's festivities.

Oh yeah, and seriously, go read Steve's detailed take on opening Space Hulk. He shared his pics with me to share, but I'm just a picky little editor pulling out what soundbites I want. Get the full story from him.

Photobucket(The back of the box, it looks like so much fun)

Photobucket(So many minis to paint... /drool)

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  1. my timer was also broken as well. i don't think anybody is in that meeting.