Tuesday, September 29, 2009

White Dwarf Subscription Mini Bonus

So lost in the news of the <drool> Ultramarines Movie </drool> came word this weekend of a new offer from White Dwarf.  Get a subscription to White Dwarf, get a Squat.  Yep, the ol' 40K proxy for the dwarf of Warhammer Fantasy.  No word on if this means a return of the squats, or just a cool offer from White Dwarf.  (via Bell of Lost Souls)

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  1. There was some noise a little while back about a new race for 40K but it seemed more like wild speculation than anything substantive.

    So either this is just GW giving the Squat lovers at least a nod, or it's a precursor to a new push for Squats.

    Without wiping out the established canon for them (Their homeworld was consumed by the 'Nids), I think it'd be a good move to have surviving Squats make for Tau space and join up with them ala' the Kroot and Vespids. I think they'd fit in nice there, though historically they have solid (if troubled)history with the Imperium, the humans already have enough factions rounding out their roster.