Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breaking: Ultramarines Movie Names Writer and Director

This just hit my inbox moments ago, but the latest Ultramarines Movie newsletter had information that the writer and director have been named.

Dan Abnett has been named the writer.  That's right, THE Dan Abnett.  The guy who has written more than 30 Black Library titles, including the Gaunt's Ghost series, the Eisenhorn trilogy, the Ravenor series and two of the Horus Heresy books.

Martyn Pick has been named the director.  That's right, THE...wait, who? Nothing against Martin Pyck, but his name doesn't have the cache that Abnett's does.  Still he was the animation director for "The Age of Stupid" and has directed some small films and even the music video for U2's "Get On Your Boots".

Now, I'm really excited about all of this, but I had really hoped that the movie was farther along.  Not because I want it rushed, but because since the movie was announced I guess I thought the announcement had more heft behind the scenes than they let on.  Still, Pick might be an unknown quantity, but Abnett isn't.  I can only say they are really dedicated to making this movie not only good but well received by enlisting one of their biggest names to write it.

Here's what Abnett had to say about the movie, which is also posted at the new Ultramarines movie behind the scenes blog

Edit:  I didn't have a chance to watch the video before I posted this.  It appears the movie is farther along than I first thought.  Reading that Abnett had been named as screenwriter, it seemd that the screenplay was just getting underway, but the work has been done.  So that's good news.

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