Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising Stuff

Crazy week this week, I haven't had much time to paint or play games or anything. Shoot last night I was on my computer and fell asleep while talking to somebody via IM. We were chatting in Steam, I typed something, and then woke up with a screen saver on.

That said, a couple Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising things hit this week. We have a High Score Contest winner, Patch 1.9, and Chaos Rising info. It's all after the jump.

 First up, congrats to noorC, gayhoror, and Febertrauma for a high score of 18,587,440 that stood for 24 hours to take the High Score Contest.  What I found really cool was these guys actually followed up their win with loadouts and strategies.  They were all Space Marines, but I'm going to try to incorporate some of their tactics into my Last Stand sessions as an Ork.

Second patch 1.9 was released for Dawn of War II was released.  I saw Steam downloading the update, but I was knee deep in the Left 4 Dead 2 demo so I didn't pay much heed.  However it is good to know some of the problems with The Last Stand were fixed.  And since I have successfully beaten Wave 16 (I've made it as far as 18) I'm not disappointed they didn't do anything to that wave.  Not that I would have minded, but now that I've beaten that wave I'm okay.  Read all the fixes here.

Finally, there is a new developer diary that's been posted.  Just shy of 5 minutes long we get glimpses and information on the Librarian, the Path of Corruption (you can join Chaos), the missions on a Space Hulk, and the new level 30 cap.

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