Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Army List Program For Us Cheapskates

I have no shame in the fact I'm cheap.  Actually it's my wife that's cheap, I have no shame in constraining my spendthrift ways to her budgetary demands.  So as I've transitioned from focusing on just buying and painting my army to buying, painting, and using my army in the game I've come to realize that I really want a list building program.

Why do I want a list building program?  For a couple reasons.

First, I'm incredibly lazy.  I mean just horribly so.  Thus, if there's a program that can do my math for me, I'm all for it.  That, of course, leads to my second reason: I don't trust my math.  I'm good with math, but since I'm lazy I always miss a step or two.

So I knew I wanted a program that would help me make up my army list.  But then I'm cheap.  So while I could spend the money on Army Builder, and believe me I want to, that would be money spent on a program that I could be spending on miniatures.  And since I'm still trying to accumulate enough miniatures to field a 1500 point army, I need that money to buy minis.

So, in the meantime, I've discovered The Forge. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that Army Builder has (I tested it and never got a warning when I built an illegal army list with 27 Stormboyz, 20 of whom were Nobz), the GUI could use some tweaking, and it doesn't currently have support for all the armies in 5th edition (although it does have an editor so you could create one); but it does what I need it to do - mainly help me compile my army and ensure my point value. 

Will I eventually pony up the money for Army Builder?  Probably.  Do I need to pony up the money right now?  Nope.

So what other programs are out there?  Does anybody use something else besides Army Builder or Excel?

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  1. There is a very good program out there if you can understand german. goto http://www.onlindecodex.de