Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chaos Rising Unit Profile: The Librarian

And coming in from the Dawn of War II guys is this:  The first unit profile of the new units coming to DoW2 with the Chaos Rising expansion pack.  First unit profiled?  The Librarian.

Can I get a Hell YEAH?

The Librarian, for those who don't know, is the defining unit of the Blood Ravens.  Since the chapter has no knowledge of their origins they prize information over everything.  This has brought them an inordinate number of Librarians compared to other Space Marine chapters.  The Librarian is key to the Blood Ravens, and god bless Dawn of War 2 for all they did right, not having them in the original game was one of the few things they did wrong.

The Librarians look to be a pretty potent addition to the Blood Ravens, and secretly I'm hoping their inclusion in Chaos Rising means we'll get our own bit of potent knowledge relating to the origins of the Blood Ravens.

You can read the entire unit profile over at the Dawn of War 2 Community Site.

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