Monday, January 18, 2010

An Inquisitorial Inquiry About the Inquisition

So last week there was buzz over at Bell of Lost Souls that GW was pulling the Inquisition.  Witch Hunters and Daemon Hunters were both being pulled.

Today I noticed that while the armies are still available, the Codexes have been pulled from the books section of the Games Workshop site.

So what's the deal?  A lot of people are thinking that the Codex: Witch Hunters and Codex: Daemon Hunters are being replaced with a Codex: Inquisition that combines the two of them.  Some people think that the Inquisition has seen better days and are gone.  And some people are still asking for their Dark Eldar codex to be updated.

Honestly can the Inquisition be gone?  It's a vital part of the fluff, there are plenty of Inquisition novels out there.  I was thinking of doing a Daemon Hunters army as my next army (although my choice for my next army after Orks changes a lot, and I'm nowhere near ready to start looking for something else), so I hope that the Codex: Inquisition option is what's in store.  I just know that it'll be a sad day in the 40K universe if the Inquisition is no longer a playable army in the game.

**Edit**  BoLS listed rumored miniature releases for 2010, and Grey Knights, Witch Hunters, and Daemon Hunters were juicily inserted around tender morsels of 40K goodness like a new Ork Dread (/drool) and Dark Eldar love (which I'm not holding my breath for).


  1. For some reason it seems that Dark Elder have placed placed in the "bastard" child section of concerns lol

  2. It boggles my mind about that too. I know several people who would LOVE to play a Dark Eldar army, but are hesitant to start because of the apparent malaise GW has about getting them updated. I see a lot of potential DE love from GW this year, but I'm not holding my breath for it because it's a total "I'll believe it when I see it" situation.

  3. Stress not, the Inquisition aren't gone. This is just standard GW policy. They halt production on a codex about a year or so prior to a new edition. Then they halt distribution points as supplies run low and/or the new edition release window comes up. This typically happens about 3-6 months prior to the new codex.
    They do the same thing with models and box sets too, but a new edition/sculpt isn't always guaranteed... they use the method for raising MSRP too.

    As to the DE, they're not forgotten. Wolves really did need a redo first. The Codex wasn't bad but certainly needed some work for 5th. Official word was that Phil Kelly started in on it after he finished Space Wolves. The model line was the one really in need of complete redevelopment. Jes Goodwin was reported on this almost a year ago. Then there was some concept art and a Splinter Rifle CAD as teasers from this summer. The 3-ups and test models have also been seen. I think the wait now is for a release window...