Wednesday, August 11, 2010

40K Neotube - 8/11/10

My apologies for no Neotube updates last week, but it was just a really shitty crappy week.  I was swamped at work, and my time at home was busy.  This week is no easier as my lovely wife has decided she wants a bigger house which will give me more room for miniature modeling, but will crimp my time getting our current house "sale ready" and then, assuming we can sell and buy, then I'll have redecorating and moving.

However, my magnets from the free magnet day at came in, unfortunately they charged full price, and I have not been able to talk to somebody there (though I have left messages).  So while I deal with that I also have magnets which is something I wanted/needed for my Ork Trukk.  So in honor of the Ork Trukk I have no time to paint, here's a video about Ork Trukk usage.

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