Friday, July 30, 2010

The Summer Duldrums

Last year I had the same problem.  Summer hits, and I find myself a slave to my wife's naggish whims...and busy with family stuff.  Either way, my productivity in painting, gaming, and blogging all go down.  So I decided to update my pictures of my Boyz.  I was hoping to have more done before I did it, but I'm currently cleaning the paint off my Stormboyz to repaint them to my liking, and my magnets haven't arrived so I've done very little with my Trukk and Deff Dread.

So hit the jump to see some photos of Da Boyz...none of which are as badly Photoshopped as Da Ork enjoyin' da sand 'n da sun on da beach.  Also, these images and more are part of the slideshow on the main page.


  1. Nice orks. And I'm going to have to write down, "wife's naggish whims" and use that in casual conversation.

  2. Thanks. I wish I had more time to paint, but I like the way my army is SLOWLY shaping up. And while I'm not the best far...I'm OK with how my army is shaping up to look.