Monday, January 17, 2011

Dawn of War II: Retribution Chaos Space Marine Multiplayer Unit and Heroes Revealed

So I've been incommunicado the last couple of weeks, and need to play catch up.  I also have a couple articles in partial states so I'll get those finished up this week.  But I noticed that I missed some important information about the upcoming Dawn of War II expansion, Retribution.

First, the game is now available for pre-order from the THQ store and from Steam.

Second they revealed the Chaos Space Marine stuff, that's all after the jump.

The Chaos Space Marine Heroes were revealed for the campaign.  Chief among them is Lord Eliphas who has been a thorn in the side of the Blood Ravens since the campaign in Dark Crusade.  Along with Eliphas are the Chaos Sorcerer Neroth, Aspiring Champion Kain, and the Plague Marine Champion Varius.  As with the Space Marine campaign, this story focuses on the aftermath of the events in Retribution.

The Chaos Multiplayer Unit was also revealed.  This one is kind of cool, as the Chaos Noise Marine is a tier 1 unit rather than most of the new units that tend to be tier 2 or 3.

The specs are as follows:
Cacophony – The Noise Marines become stationary and produce huge sonic blasts in their vicinity, knocking back enemy and friendly troops.


Blastmasters – A powerful sonic weapon with excellent range.  The Blastmaster is effective versus all armor types and will knock over units in its firing line.  Noise Marines upgraded to the Blastmaster lose the Cacophony ability.  Squad is immobile while upgrading.  Requires Tier 2.

So, thoughts on the new units, or heroes?  Even with my love of Orks, I can guarantee the first 2 campaigns I play will be Space Marine and Chaos Marines.  Everything that's been revealed has me really excited about the next chapter in the Blood Ravens and Dawn of War stories.

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  1. I think this one will be one of the most useful units on the early game.
    Can wait to seee the imperial guard arsenal and fight the heretics! ahaha