Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Photos

So as any of my faithful readers know, my blog is cursed with horrible pictures of my miniatures. My digital camera cannot focus on the miniatures. I've tried using some of my various magnifying tools to compensate, but that has only led to slightly less blurry blobs where my miniatures should be, or freakishly focused photos that look like they were lifted from a bad Marilyn Manson video.

So tonight I switched gears, and instead of using my older sucky digital camera, I gave my old sucky web camera a try. And, needless to say the results, while not perfect, are a little better. The size of the photos are small, but when I tried larger sizes I got excessive graininess that made the pictures harder to see.

So, here are 3 pictures of my 3 completed Ork Boyz. For the record, with the winter months upon us, and my camper in the garage, I have not enameled either Boy #2 or Boy #3 because my spray area is under the camper. As I have not enameled them, I have also not done anything in regards to adding flock or sand or anything to the bases.

Boy #1, my first attempt at miniature painting since my days playing D&D as a teenager. And the nearly 20 years since I last attempted this have been kind, because while my D&D miniatures sucked (to the point I don't even have them anymore, I'm more than pleased with this as my first attempt with a 40K miniature).

Boy #2 presented a new challenge to me, metal. I mean I worked with making something look metalic with Boy #1's gun, but this one had a sword. I opted to not mess with anything like blood spattering or battle damage, as I was more interested in making sure the sword looked decent.
Boy #3 featured the addition of blood spattering to the metallic axe-head. It doesn't show up clearly in the photo, but I was pleased.

And there we have some updated, and hopefully better quality photos of my 3 completed boys. I am currently working on my Shoota, and then I'm going to paint my Boss Zagstruk.

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