Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dawn of War II Interview

Fidgit has posted a very nice, very in-depth interview with DoW II's lead designer Johnny Ebert.

I've pulled some of what I thought were the more interesting comments:
One of our goals was to maintain the depth of RTS, but we always felt RTS front-loaded way too much complexity, so we developed what we called a simplified entry point...
and this:
We decided if we continued on our current course, we weren't going to succeed. RTS sales had plateaued and are actually declining. We need to expand our player base or eventually we'll lose out to other genres and die out.
and this, too:
Most genres, like first person shooters and massively-multiplayer and free-to-play games, the ones that are experiencing strong growth, were constantly working to simplify themselves and make themselves more approachable, where RTS is going in the opposite direction.
I highly recommend reading the whole thing. It cements my thoughts on the game and makes the pending release that much more exciting.

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