Sunday, April 19, 2009

The 400 Point Challenge

As anybody who reads this blog knows I'm new to Warhammer 40K.  Thus the name of the blog.  But what some people might not know is I'm so new to Warhammer 40k I have yet to roll dice in the game.  I only have 3 Ork Boyz and a Big Shoota painted.  My time with 40K began with Dawn of War, and through the sheer awesomeness of that game I became enamored with 40K and I am currently working toward being able to play 40K.

That's why I'm so excited by the 400 Point Challenge.

The challenge was issued by a couple other friends.  My buddy Steve (whom I've mentioned in previous posts) was talking to our friend Chris.  It was decided that the painting is fun, but must be done in earnest.  So the challenge was put forth.  Next time Chris is in town we have to have a 400 point patrol list put together and painted.  So that we can actually play the game.

Now, compared to Chris who has played the game quite a while and has a 400 point army list he can put together from what he has, or my buddy Steve who got into 40K before me so has more painted, I'm way behind.

I could just slap some paint on my minis and be done with it, but that's not what I do.  That's not how I roll.  I spend a lot of time making my minis look like crap.  I painstakingly spend hours to make sure my complete lack of talent shines with each brush stroke.  So I've started to put together an army list, but I have a lot of work to do and an unspecified but brief amount of time to do it in.  And of course I'm not done with the single player Dawn of War II campaign yet.   Which of course is a good problem because boy does it suck I have so much fun stuff to do with my free time.  I mean I'm really suffering here.

So now I've picked up the gauntlet of this challenge, and I will do my best to complete it.  Even if it means I'm so immersed in 40K that I find myself actually praying to Mork and/or Gork to relieve me of this burden.

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  1. Paint, you scummy Ork! Paint!

    On the good side, there's no telling when Chris is going to be back in town, so you've got some wiggle room there. Not much, but some.