Friday, October 16, 2009

Dawn of War II - The Last Stand First Impressions

So it had been a while since I cracked open Dawn of War II.  I had been busy painting, playing some other video games, and after completing the campaign I was sorely outmatched in multiplayer.

So right off the bat, I was the first of our threesome to die.  I got better after being revived, but I struggled a bit.

It didn't matter though.

Because I [expletive deleted] love this new game mode.

To bring everyone up to speed, The Last Stand is the new DLC from Relic for Dawn of War II.  It pits 3 heroes (available from Eldar, Ork, or Space Marine)  against increasingly difficult waves of enemy units.  Enemies are from all 4 races from the game and a surprise 5th race that I haven't seen and haven't done any digging to find out what it is.

Having played the new game mode, I can only ask what is there not to love about it?  It's an easy to get into struggle for survival on a small battlefield.  So there isn't a lot of terrain  to cover.  There are only 4 entry points for the bad guys, so while that's one more entry point than heroes it's not like you have them coming every which way (until they get in the circle then all bets are off).  And you only have one unit to keep track of.  And as you gain experience and level your hero you get access to more and better gear.

Really there isn't much downside to the game.  It continues the direction of Dawn of War II to make the games more action heavy, and other than one wierd bug (if it is a bug) my night went smashingly.

Seems after the first game that when I tried to go into a game of The Last Stand with my buddy Steve we'd be loading the game and then I'd end up in a game by myself.  Now this isn't bad since it was great practice for me, but experience doesn't flow as fast, I couldn't make it past Wave 5, and it defeats the purpose of playing with your friends.  I'm not sure if I was timing out because it took too long for me to load the game, but it was an annoyance for both of us.

Eventually we played some co-op campaign just so we could, as we had planned, play some Dawn of War II together.

Still, that little problem aside, I am so loving this new game mode for Dawn of War II.  I tell you what between actually playing my first game of Warhammer 40K, and this new content for Dawn of War II, all I want to do is think about, talk about, prepare for, and play anything that's 40K related.

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