Monday, October 26, 2009

Megaforce Madness

There have been rumors and images of the Ork and Space Marine Megaforces rolling around the internet, and while I was embroiled in a stretch of horrible The Last Stand play I missed that Games Workshop had posted the info for the new, impressive, and apparently limited edition Ork and Space Marine box sets.
I have a breakdown of what's in each set after the jump.

The Ork Megaforce is a 55 multi-part plastic model kit that contains:
40 Ork Boyz
9 Warbikers
1 Trukk
5 Orks that can be assembled as either Lootas or Burna Boyz
Also included are 60 25mm round bases and nine 40K Bike bases.

The Space Marine Megaforce is a 33 multi-part plastic model kit that contains:
1 Space Marines Predator
1 Space Marines Rhino
1 Space Marines Dreadnought
20 Tactical Space Marines
5 Assault Marines
5 Space Marine Scouts
Also included are 30 25mm round bases and one 60mm round base.

For those (like me) who need to justify this in some way to their significant other, here's how these models would break down if bought seperately.

40 Boyz             $88
9 Warbikes        $123.75
1 Trukk              $30
5 Lootas/Burnas $22
Total                   $263.75

Space Marines

1 Predator                        $41.25
1 Rhino                             $30
1 Dreadnought                  $41.25
20 Tactical Space Marines $70
5 Assault Marines              $26.50
5 Space Marine Scouts      $20
Total                                 $229

Both box sets have nice savings.  The Ork Megaforce is priced at $200 and the Space Marine Megaforce is priced at $175.  Slightly more expensive for the Orks, but slightly more savings too.  The savings break down as $54 for the Space Marines and $63.75 for the Orks.


  1. Thanks for the price breakdowns, every little bit helps with the spousal units, "But honey, I'm saving $54 bucks on Space Marines, that's a deal no matter what you're buying..."

  2. Hi, I'm new to 40K having received Assault on Black Reach as a gift barely a month ago. I'm thinking of getting the Space Marines Megaforce to start building my first army. I've two questions that I hope you'll answer:

    1) Do the miniatures in the Megaforce contain the same components as the individual box sets of each unit? For example, the sold-alone Predator is a 94-piece kit. Are all 94 Predator pieces included in the Megaforce?

    2) Is the Scout Squad equipped with Sniper Rifles? I see them on the box but the description on GW's website reads like they're regular Scouts.

    Thank you for you help.

  3. I believe the items in these boxes are the same as you would get if you bought them separate, they are just boxed together to give you a chance to get a bunch of stuff and build up your army all at once rather than piecemeal. The minis you got with AoBR are simpler but it's a starter set so they simplify things to save cost and get people interested.

    In regards to the scouts, as I play Orks, I can't really say if the sniper rifles are included. But if they aren't you can always buy the bits you need to customize the miniatures to what you like. With that many miniatures you could easily put the scouts off until the end allowing you time to find the necessary bits (think, ebay).