Friday, March 12, 2010

Chaos Rising - First Thoughts



First things first.  Hats off to THQ for releasing the Chaos Rising update a day earlier to DoW II owners.  Not only did it lend itself to the buildup, I'm sure it eased the server load for yesterday when Chaos Rising actually hit.  And, it was a savvy marketing tool letting people see the Chaos Marine screen but not letting them actually play anything on it.

Wednesday I logged into Dawn of War II and tried out the Wierdboy.  Loved him, noticed some new gear, and otherwise couldn't wait for Chaos Rising.

Yesterday I went to Best Buy to cash in some Reward points and get Chaos Rising.  And then got home and couldn't touch it most of the night.  Such is the torment of The Warp, or as many of you know it Real Life.

I did play the first mission in the campaign.  And I gotta say, the campaign starts out cool.  I have this real foreboding vibe with this game.  But I can see why Horus fell.  Because if the lure of Chaos is as rewarding as the fun of Chaos Rising, then I'm surprised the entire Adpetus Astartes didn't fall.

Anyway, I didn't get to try The Last Stand, so I'm not sure how the new 'Nid and Chaos heroes are in the game.  I did get some tainted equipment so I'm looking forward to trying it, and seeing how it affects my characters.  I'll post more next week after I've had the weekend to crack out in it.

First thoughts, though, they hit another home run. 

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