Monday, July 12, 2010

Ultramarines the Movie To Feature More Than Just Ultramarines

Ultramarines the Movie has announced that there will be more than just Ultramarines featured in the upcoming movie.  The Imperial Fists will also have a part to play.  Not only that, but John Hurt and Johnny Harris are both playing Imperial Fists.

You can read the whole announcement over at the Ultramarines Movie Blog, but personally I'm looking forward to more than just Ultramarines in the movie.  I know the Ultramarines are the face of the franchise for Games Workshop, but there are other Space Marine chapters I enjoy more, and the Imperial Fists are one of them.  No word yet on if they are battling Xenos or Chaos Marines, but I'll take any info I can get.

They even included some concept art for the Imperial Fists.  You can see all the art here, but I thought I'd include the Imperial Fists Shrine Vault detail image here.

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