Wednesday, July 21, 2010

40K Neotube - 7/21/10

I've been getting ready to put my Ork Trukk and Deff Dread together, but I want them to be customizable to the game I'm playing.  Maybe I need to limit points values for them, or maybe I need to focus on a specific type of warfare based on who I'm playing.  The easiest way to handle that is magnets.  And so I've been wanting to pick up some magnets.  Lo and behold, while I was on vacation announced they will be giving away free magnets for one day at some point in the next couple weeks.

In preparation for the giveaway they released this nice little magnet buying guide, and then also released a video guide to magnets.  I know I run a lot of MWG videos on 40K Neotube, but they have the most videos and I only run the ones that I think are valuable resources.  And this guide to magnets is a valuable resource.

So check the video after the jump.

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