Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Ultramarines the Movie Release D'Oh

If you were like me and looking forward to the release of The Ultramarines Movie Collector's Edition, well your wait isn't over.

Codex announced today they had an "unanticipated production problem" that has delayed the release of the collector's set, with no anticipated release date announced.

I'll post more as it becomes available, but honestly this doesn't totally kill me because I was informed by my wife that this was going to be a Christmas present and I was going to have to covertly watch the movie before she wrapped it....actually now that I think about it, this will shrink that window from when we get the package to when it's wrapped, and it does affect me.  Dammit.


  1. Is today the day it was supposed to be shipped?

  2. Yep. As soon as they have a new release day announced I'll post it here.

  3. That's pretty bad, they should have let people know beforehand and not on the last minute. I bet there are a lot of frustrated guys out there right now!

  4. Definitely could have been handled better.

    The only scenario I can think of that gets them off the hook is if whoever was doing the actual production simply didn't let them know there was a problem until it was time to ship. Otherwise if they knew about it before the 29th and just sat back and waited, hoping some miracle would happen, they need a trip to the woodshed. Still can't wait to see it, but right now I'm just stewing in typically impotent Nerd-Rage.

  5. I have sent inquiries to both Games Workshop and Codex Pictures for further details on the production problem and an updated release date. That was about 12 hours ago, and I have not heard anything yet.