Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dawn of War II: Retribution Has Arrived

Today I got home from picking my daughter up from school and there was a Fed Ex package on my porch.  It was my copy of Dawn of War II: Retribution Collectors Edition that I had won a few weeks ago (funny story, I knew I couldn't swing the game because I'm currently unemployed but Relic had a giveaway on Facebook, change your profile pic to something 40K related and comment on a commenter would be randomly selected to win the CE..I already had a 40K related profile pic so I commented "dakka dakka" and won...).

Anyway, if anybody needs me I'm going to be knee deep in playing the game.

Also, for the record the CE is really cool.  There's a poster, some art cards, plus you get all campaigns AND some neat unlocks.  So yeah....I'll surface sometime next week with an update.

And of course a big THANK YOU to Relic for randomly selecting me and showing me that *sniff* dreams really do *weep* come true.

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