Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dawn fo War II - Retribution Dark Angel DLC Announced

THQ Announced today that they will be releasing a DLC Pack for Retribution that features custom Dark Angel units and skins for multiplayer.

The Dark Angels Pack adds the iconic Space Marine chapter to the game with eight unique models for the major multiplayer units as well as new color schemes for the others.  The Force Commander is replaced by a Dark Angels Company Master complete with winged helmet, the Tactical Marine squad all sport the iconic Dark Angels robes.  Additionally, the Scout Squad, Assault Marine Squad and Terminators all receive similar chapter-specific revisions.

I think this is really cool.  If there is one Space Marine chapter I like more than the Blood Ravens, it's the Dark Angels.  Also, it warms the cockles of my heart to know that THQ and Relic have actually started down the DLC road.  I will again say, I hope this ends up with some race specific DLC campaigns made available at some point.  Also, this DLC will cost money, and while some people may have an issue with that (we all love free stuff), and I would have liked a DLC pack like this to be free, if it helps give them the incentive to do other more exhaustive DLC packs then I'm okay with it.

The DLC will be available on April 6 for $7.50

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