Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Not Ignoring The Blog

Just in case anyone thinks otherwise, I'm not ignoring the blog.  After my visit with family over the Easter weekend I felt good.  The time with family, speaking with investigators, and seeing the Dollar General my Sister was last seen at sort of gave a sense of closure.  Well, not closure, but I have this feeling I will never see my sister again.  I want to know where she is, and I want to know why, how, and what happened.  But I've reached a place where I've accepted that I likely never will.  I'm not giving up, and I'm not giving in...but I have been able to move on.  And so, after I came back from Georgia I needed a bit of time to process everything, and then I started working on my Trukk again.  The cab is done, the bed is done, the front end and the boarding planks are in process.  I can see the finish line.

And so I'm focused on finishing that up so I can post pictures galore, of everything I did with my trukk.  What I did to customize it, and what I did to adapt it so I can equip certain things as needed.  Will I have it done by the end of the week?  I'm not sure, but if I don't post anything next week then I'm making a big push to finish it and blogging will recommence when  I have finished it.

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