Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boss Zagstruk update #2

Work is coming along slowly on Boss Zagstruk. I have been working on the main body: dry brushing the gray on the pants, painting the tunic and working on the armor.

I decided to use a brown tunic for Zagstruk, vs. my normal red. So I'm making his armor red. I figure that since he's an Ork, standardization isn't really a high point.

I'm working on the overall painting before I move into getting into the nitty gritty detail.

So far I'm pretty happy with him


  1. He's coming along nicely!

    How long have you spent on him so far?

  2. I agree on the customization. I'm making Deathskulls so they are gonna 'try' to blue paint on their armor and of course, blue faces.

    but other than that... they just wear whatever they can loot.

  3. So far about 2 hours of painting time. I'm slow...and random. My painting process isn't really a process. It's more just me looking at the pieces and painting the parts I feel like painting. Adding flourishes and touches as I think of them.