Monday, April 6, 2009

Dawn of War II

So I was all set to get Dawn of War II within a week of its release when the company I worked for announced they were closing our plant. Being the kind of husband who is sensitive his wife's needs, I opted to not buy DoW II so that my wife wouldn't feel the need to knee me in the groin.

Thankfully times have changed.

I accepted a new position with another company last week and start later this month. And I had a birthday that ended up with me getting some money. So to celebrate my birthday and my job, and avoid having a hole burned into my pocket, I bought of Dawn of War II.

Initial thoughts on the game:

The install wasn't as smooth as I'd hoped. I had some internet issues that affected both updating the game in Steam, and updating Games for Windows - Live. Those problems, though, are the fault of my ISP, not of the game. I do not blame Relic, Steam, or even Microsoft for those issues.

Single player Gameplay is incredible. I had experienced mutliplayer in the Beta, and so I was ready for the change in game play shifting focus from resource and base management to unit management in conflict, but the single player is so much fun. I mean, it's so fun it made it easy to get over the pangs of guilt for killing Orks (and let it be known that having a group of Orks running around a battle field yelling "Dakka! Dakka!" is one of the funniest things I've seen in a video game in quite some time). I'm looking forward to finishing the campaign in single player and doing it in co-op.

It is definitely worth the price of admission...and then some.

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