Friday, April 8, 2011

40K Neotube - Space Marine Developer Diary

A Developer Diary for the upcoming 40K console shooter, Space Marine has been posted.  Mostly it's the developers giving the standard lip service to how they feel about the 40K IP (which has been born out in previous Relic games), as well as confirmation that the primary baddies will be the Orks, but it looks like Chaos is there too.  There's also lots of shots of the Space Marines chewing through Orks with chain swords.

I have my druthers about this game, mostly it's 3rd person perspective, and that it's a console game and I don't have a game console.  That said still looks gorgeous and violent, and I will find a way to play it.

Hit the jump to see the video.


  1. It's for PC too. Thank the Emperor! I don't want my experience hobbled by console limitations.

  2. That's good to know. Based on what I could find at the website it looked to be console only. Man that would have blown.