Wednesday, April 20, 2011

***UPDATED***Dawn of War II: Retribution Roundup - Dark Angel DLC Review, Soundtrack, and Last Standalone

Dark Angel DLC
Monday Relic sent me the code for the Dark Angel DLC.  I hadn't expected it since I won the Retribution Collector's Edition, but had gone ahead and e-mailed about it when I found out a buddy who had purchased the CE had been sent the code.

Beyond the coolness of the surprise in receiving the code, it was an excuse to get back into Retribution that I hadn't done in a couple weeks.

Personally I think they nailed the look really well.  I mean I enjoyed having the Dark Angel color scheme in the game, but this gives them a great visual flavor.  From the winged helmet of the company master, to the robes of the Tactical Marines, to the markings on the vehicles, they really look like the Dark Angels now.  You can see some screen shots of everything after the jump.  What do you guys think?  Does the Dark Angel DLC meet your approval?

Complete Dawn of War II Soundtrack
iTunes currently has the Complete Dawn of War II Soundtrack available for pre-order for $16.  The 35 track collection features songs from Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising, and Retribution and will be released on April 26th.  I have the soundtrack for the original Dawn of War II, so I'm going to beg, borrow, and steal to get the extra music.

Dawn of War II - Retribution - The Last Standalone
April 20th will see the release of Retribution - The Last Standalone.  This $10 package will contain a stand alone version of the upgraded Last Stand from Retribution.  This version will not require or contain any of the single player campaigns or competitive multiplayer from the full Retribution, just the expanded Last Stand with the new items, hero, and map.  The Last Standalone can be upgraded later to the full Retribution at a discounted price.  As of this writing I did not see it available on Steam yet.  You can get Retribution - The Last Standalone from Steam.

Hit the jump for the screenshots.

Company Master Back

Company Master Front


Tactical Marines Front

Tactical Marines Back


Devastator Marines with Plasma Cannon

Librarian with Sword Raised

Librarian with Sword at Side

Company Master with Terminator Armor


Dark Angels with Land Raider taking it to the Eldar

B'Bye Eldar

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