Wednesday, June 8, 2011

40K Neophyte is Mobile

Thanks to the latest updates on Blogger, 40K Neophyte is now optimized to be visted on a cell phone.  All the crappy content, now scaled to bore you while you're away from your computer.  Nothing special is needed, just a web ready phone, a decent internet connection, and a willingness to be subjected to my crappy writing while you're on the go.


  1. I'm gutted this doesn't work for my blog. I started using WordPress to Blogger templates long before Blogspot improved its templates and now miss out on a lot of the cool features.

    I'm scared to change the template when I've seen others lose ALL their content or simply have their pages broken -forever :(

  2. Oh yeah, I can completely understand your hesitation to change. I won't change my template again. I did it before and it took me a while to recreate content and widgets I lost.

    And As for Blogger, yeah I was frustrated with them at first, but glad I stuck it out because they have gotten a lot better lately.