Thursday, September 22, 2011

Game Night and Day

This weekend the gaming group I run with is having an all-to-infrequent game day.  Actually it's a game night and game day.  We will be starting festivities Friday night and continuing our gaming Saturday.  I will be having battle reports next week, but if you want to get a jump on the battles and maybe play a little game of "Wow those guys are idiots" and try to spot the rules we mess up, then check out Ustream.  I have set up a channel and we will be broadcasting games Friday night and Saturday.

This is all experimental, we tried this once before and had audio problems, I have resolved those so we'll see how this works.  If it doesn't work, then I'll have another excuse to use my Fail version of Bob Waaagh!  However, I'm hoping this will be a fun way to interact with anybody who's interested in watching the activities.

When I have an idea of when things will get started I will post it here at the site.

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