Monday, September 12, 2011

Personal Painting Challenge Wrap Up

After I failed my personal painting challenge, I finished up the Deff Dread, and then decided to take some pictures of what I did complete.  Hit the jump and check out what I did get done, and then take a look at my slowly progressing army.

A warning and a reminder.  Warning, there are a bunch of pictures after the jump so if the page loads slow that's why.  And the reminder: I suck at taking pictures of miniatures, so there's that to deal with too...

First up are the Nobz.  I magnetized them so that I could modify them to be WYSIWYG depending on how I loaded out the Nobz Squad.

First up is the Kombi Weapons look:

Then we have the Big Choppas:

We have Power Klaws:

Then there are the Cyborked Arms:

And finally, the tried but true slugga/choppa combo:

Then there was the Deff Dread.  Again, he was magnetized for the sake of making him WYSIWYG, but I also magnetized him to try to keep his arms from breaking off in storage/transport.
First I give you the 4 Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons look:

Then it's the Skorcha with the Big Shoota (the Rokkit Launcha, and Kustom Mega Blasta are at its feet):

Finally for fun here's the Ammo Runt who came with the Nobz, but I had used his base somewhere else (and yes I should have had a Nob next to him for reference, but yes he is that tiny):

Then I decided to take a picture of where my army is, as of this point:

My army is starting to shape up nicely, but I have a long way to go.

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