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Friday, September 23, 2011

Reminder: 40K on Ustream Tonight and Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that I will be broadcasting 40K games tonight and tomorrow during my gaming groups big get together.  I was hoping to be in the first game tonight, but tragedy struck today when I was dropping my stuff off at my buddy Steve's at lunch.  I had to make a hard stop, and my little toolbox that had my trukk, warboss, Zagstruk, and Deff Dread slid off the seat, hit the dashboard and dropped to the floor.

The Warboss came off his base, the Deff Dread lost some bits, Zagstruk lost some pieces, and the Trukk came apart.  Also a bunch of magnets came off too.  This just reinforces why I need to get some cases. I'm looking at KR Mutlicase as it fits my budget better.

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