Thursday, March 19, 2009


Being new to Warhammer 40,000 I have been impressed with the community of gamers. The people who play this game are passionate about it, but also encouraging and accepting of new people. Unlike other gaming communities (particularly video games) new people are not discouraged to learn the game. We are not discouraged to play the game. We are actually *gasp* encouraged to learn, to play, and to have fun. Oh sure, I'm not naive enough to think there aren't people who don't have the patience for new people, but I have yet to get a "Quit while you're ahead noob," comment too. The toxicity level is low for the community...that I've seen so far.

That's why I'm pretty excited as someone new to the game (I'm still building my army, and have yet to actually play the game...) to be a part of this FTW Bloggers Group. I kinda feel like I'm part of something. And that is cool.

It's almost enough to warm my cold, dead husk of a heart.


  1. Quit while you're ahead noob - lol

    No, seriously, welcome to the hobby, hope it brings you as much fun and late nights as me.

  2. welcome to the group!

    Someday you'll come across the aggressive stereotype you pointed out. Heck, I've played almost 3 years, and I have people who don't know me scoff at my army.

    I have fun with it, and that's what matters!