Monday, March 23, 2009

New Site Design

***UPDATE 2*** Comments are fixed. I had selected to have an embedded comments form in the page, but it was missing a line of code. That line, thanks to the help of Our Blogger Templates, who created the template we use, has been reinserted.

***UPDATE*** Apparently the new layout has broken the comments. I am diligently avoiding my real job to work on this issue.

Never one to be happy with the layout of my web pages, I've settled on this design for 40K Neophyte...for now.

I wanted something that had 3 columns, and then I added some features I wanted, but didn't want them buried "below the fold" with a 2 column look. We now have the status of my Ork army, the slideshow of my Boyz, and an actual navigation menu along with my blog roll, and a link to the FTW Bloggers Group. I still have stuff below the fold, but before it was ridiulous how much had to be scrolled to.

It has taken all of my rudimentary html skills to get this template to where I'm okay with it, but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them.

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