Monday, March 23, 2009

The First of Several Updates on Boss Zagstruk

The pictures of the pieces did not come out well, but I have been working on Boss Zagstruk.

Also, to recap, I'm cheap and almost always broke so I use generic model and craft paints, not Citadel paints.

After removing the pieces, cleaning them up, and then painting them with primer, I did a light coat of black wash to get coverage on the small areas that the primer didn't get to. For the wash I mixed black with a little water to thin it out so it would run into the recesses better. I didn't really measure it so much as just mix until I had a consistency I was happy with.

Then I started on the arms and face to get the green skin out of the way. I based with a 2 parts noel green, 1 part black mixture. this gave a very dark green color that worked for not only a base coat, but for a good color for the depths between muscles. Then I added a coat of noel green leaving some of the recesses untouched to give the look of depth to muscles. Finally I topped with a dry brush of bright green to really enhance the tendons, veins, and high spots on the muscles. I'm hoping it works well (sometimes I'm too close to really say whether it worked or not, no matter how far from my vision my lack of talent leaves me). So I'm really bummed the pictures wouldn't work.

I'll update as I continue to work on him.

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